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Daniel Bryan Replacing Seth Rollins at Event, Sting / Hall of Fame Note, JR on Who Might Induct Sting, WWE Needing Brock Lesnar Back on TV

Sting / Hall of Fame Note

daniel bryanWith Sting announced as a 2016 WWE Hall of Fame inductee, he will become the only name in both the TNA Hall of Fame and WWE Hall of Fame.

Daniel Bryan Replacing Seth Rollins at Event

Injured WWE star Daniel Bryan will be replacing the also injured Seth Rollins at the World of Wheels auto show in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA on Friday, January 22nd. Bryan will be appearing on Friday, January 22nd at 6pm, and you can get more information on the event at this link.

JR on Who Might Induct Sting, WWE Needing Lesnar Back on TV

A new Jim Ross blog has been posted over at and below are some highlights:

“WWE needs to heat up @HeymanHustle and Brock Lesnar tonight on RAW as Lesnar is WWE’s biggest star especially in light of the irregular number of significant injuries that they are attempting to withstand. Pull the trigger and engage the Beast Incarnate in NOLA. Do it early before the National Championship College football game between Clemson and Alabama kicks off.

My guess is that Ric Flair is Sting’s presenter as they have a long history with each other , I called their classic, 45 minute draw at the first Clash of Champions in Greensboro back in the day with Ric vs Sting on TBS. I first met Sting in 1986 which is 30 years ago! Wow, where does the time go?”