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WWE SmackDown Results (1/14) – New Champion Crowned, Royal Rumble Match Announced, More!

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WWE Smackdown Results

January 14th, 2016

Report by Josh Lopez for Wrestlezone.com

The show starts off with Renee Young who’s in the parking lot. Renee says that she’s awaiting the arrival of Dean Ambrose who has a major announcement to make. Ambrose arrives to the arena. Ambrose tells Renee that he’s a man that likes to say things to peoples faces. Ambrose says that he’s heading to the ring to call Kevin Owens out. 

Dean Ambrose & Sheamus, Kevin Owens and Neville In-Ring Segment:

Ambrose told everyone in the crowd to put the kids to bed and pop the champagne because he has an announcement. He called for a drumroll, and it came over the speakers in the building. Before he could make an announcement, he stopped himself and demanded Kevin Owens come down to the ring. Owens never showed, and Ambrose said he figured as much and it was no big deal. He then challenged Owens to a last man standing match at the Rumble, and dared him to do what no one else has been able to do, and put him down and keep him down. Sheamus interrupted and said that he’s not Kevin Owens, because Owens has a better tan than he does.

Sheamus accused Ambrose of living in a fantasy world, and said that this wasn’t a fantasy, it was reality. Ambrose told Sheamus that he made a League of Nations treehouse friends club, and it was him that lived in a fantasy world? Sheamus said he didn’t have time for Ambrose’s jokes, and said he was feeling unfulfilled by their unfinished brawl this past Monday. He said he was going to embarrass him in front of all those people here and leave a mark in his face that would last forever. Ambrose responded to him and said he would beat on him and make him cry, and demanded he come on down. Kevin Owens interrupted and said it was now two on one. As far as the Rumble goes, not only would Ambrose walk out of the Rumble with his championship, he wouldn’t walk out at all. Owens and Sheamus then circled Ambrose and attacked, but Neville evened the odds and made the save.