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Justin LaBar On Tyler Breeze Treatment, Heat On Tough Enough Josh & More In New BS With CSR Podcast (Audio)

ChairShotRadioLogo copyA new episode of the BS with CSR podcast, hosted by CSRWrestling.com bloggers Blake Mitchamore and Shane Shoemaker, is out.

For the first time ever, Justin LaBar was a guest on the show. He discussed topics such as potential Daniel Bryan comeback, and Roaddogg on Legends with JBL. He also hung around for the “BS” of the Week where they discussed Tough Enough Josh Bredl’s heat and fans being upset about the use of Tyler Breeze on Raw. Here are some highlights:

 On the subject of Daniel Bryan possibly coming back:

LaBar: All we know for sure is that Daniel is coming to Pittsburgh for World of Wheels. We don’t know he’s not coming for medical testing or a meeting with Dr.Maroon. I do think it’s very possible this is just a case of people trying to get a head start on breaking news since Daniel Bryan is a very popular topic.

 On the Josh Bredi or Bronson Matthews  “Social Jobbers” controversy:

LaBar:  He got $250,000 dollars guaranteed and that’s more than some of the guys on Raw and SmackDown are getting. He’s a guy from a reality show; he’s already an outsider. The other problem is those four guys are very well liked in the locker room. Those four guys are all guys that I’ve had other wrestlers tell me WWE has missed opportunities with.

 On guys like Tyler Breeze or Neville being misused by WWE and Vince McMahon:

LaBar: Tyler Breeze is a young guy give it time, it always comes back around. After the last Cena match in July I had to hear over and over again that Kevin Owens was being buried. Now we’re talking about him possibly fighting The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

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Justin LaBar joins the show to talk Daniel Bryan, Roaddogg on Legends with JBL and The BS of The Week. 


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