More Backstage Details on the WWE Suspensions of Adam Rose and Konnor, When Had They Last Been Suspended?

As noted, WWE stars Adam Rose and Konnor were suspended 60 days earlier this week for their second violations of the WWE Wellness Policy.

According to Dave Meltzer of, the first suspensions of the two talents were not made public, which is why many were surprised to learn that their recent suspensions were for their second Wellness Policy violations.

Konnor’s first suspension took place back in 2006, a year before WWE announced that all violations of the Talent Wellness Program would be made public. Konnor was working as a developmental wrestler at the time in Deep South Wrestling.

Meltzer added Adam Rose was suspended back in 2013, but WWE never made a public announcement regarding that suspension, and like Konnor, Rose was a developmental wrestler at the time.