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Lucha Underground’s Catrina Talks About The Company’s Growth And Future, If She Would’ve Left WWE Knowing What NXT Is Now

Lucha Underground’s Catrina (Karlee Perez) recently spoke with Aaron Oster for Rolling Stonetalking about the show’s growth in two seasons, what is next heading into season three, why she left WWE, if she would have stayed knowing how big NXT is, and much more. You can read a few excerpts below: 

Catrina talks about how much Lucha Underground has grown in two seasons: 

It’s so crazy. The fanbase has quadrupled so quickly. I don’t think anyone was expecting that. You can see how far it’s come ­– we just started filming season 3, and it’s already been extended. I’m not totally sure how many more episodes we have, but I think it’s around 14 more. It just shows what the future could hold for Lucha Underground. The way that it’s growing is tremendous. We’re taking over, in a way that hasn’t been done before. I’m really excited to be a part of that.

Her original thoughts on joining the show: 

Chris DeJoseph, who is amazing, came to me about this character, Catrina. He said that I was the first one on his mind, and there wasn’t really another person on the list behind me. When they called me up, I didn’t quite get the character, and I wasn’t really sure about everything. So I asked who was a part of [Lucha Underground], and they said Robert Rodriguez and Mark Burnett. Anybody who knows anything about entertainment knows those names. The main reason I left WWE was because of acting – Lucha Underground gives me that ability to act, both in the company and outside of it. I wasn’t totally sure about the character or the organization, but as soon as they mentioned Robert Rodriguez, I jumped on the opportunity.

Catrina explains why she left WWE: 

I got to meet a lot of amazing and talented people, and make great friendships, but I wasn’t satisfied, personally, with my time there. I knew it wasn’t going to change, and I had to make a decision. Me asking for my release was solely based on the fact that I wasn’t feeling like I was being challenged enough, and that there was more I could do. There’s a lot that I can bring to the table when I’m allowed, and you can see that in what I’m doing in Lucha Underground. NXT has grown tremendously, and it seems to be a great brand. It’s wonderful, and it’s wonderful for all that talent to have that avenue when they come in.

Does she think she would have still left WWE, if she knew then what NXT has grown into? 

Yes, I do. I’m so character-driven. Everything that I’ve learned in this industry, and about being an actress, was from Dusty Rhodes. I wouldn’t have been given the opportunities I’m being given now [if I were still] in NXT, even though it has grown so much. They wouldn’t do a character like Catrina. It wouldn’t be like that. Something was telling me to leave, so I left.

What’s next for Lucha Underground and Catrina? 

Lucha is going to be massive. There’s no stopping them now. It’s good. It’s healthy to have this, and having a company give the fans something different. As for me, I’m just getting busier. I’m blessed and just trying to bring something new and different for the fans every time I get to step in front of a camera.