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Mick Foley Blogs on Chyna Possibly in the WWE Hall of Fame

Following the death of Joanie “Chyna” Laurer last week at the age of 45, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley posted the following blog on Facebook sharing his thoughts on Chyna possibly being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:


I love this photo of me and Joanie in the Foley Christmas room – the last photo of us ever taken. Before she headed out that night, knowing that she was going to embark on a publicity tour that I wasn’t sure she was emotionally prepared for, and knowing that she might actively campaign for induction into the WWE Hall of Fame I pulled her aside.

“Joanie”, I said. “Being inducted into the Hall of Fame was one of the greatest nights of my life – but it doesn’t define me. Don’t let it define you. You’re a legend in our business, no one can ever take away from you the things you’ve done. Don’t let anyone have the power to tell you whether or not your career was worthy of the Hall of Fame. It was! There will never be another Chyna”

So next year, when the announcements are made, if Chyna is not an inductee, don’t be sad. The real Hall of Fame is inside all of us. It’s a Hall of Fame based on the way superstars made us feel, the smiles they produced, the memories they created for us, the legacies they forged that will stand the test of time. By that standard, Joanie Laurer – Chyna; the 9th Wonder of the World was inducted into the Hall that really matters – our hall of memories – a long, long time ago.