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Chyna’s Manager Says He Believes “Inappropriately Taking Legally Prescribed Medication” is What Lead to Joanie Laurer’s Death

As noted, Joanie “Chyna” Laurer’s manager, Anthony Anzaldo, recently spoke with The New York Daily News following last Wednesday night’s death of Chyna, and during the interview Anzaldo reveals he believes an improper mixture of Valium and Ambien is what lead to Chyna’s passing.

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Anzaldo added he does not believe Chyna intentionally overdosed on the medications, as she has been taking them for legally for years, however recently she had been upping her dosages to dangerous levels. The Daily News report noted it will take about 8 months for toxicology reports to come back, but Anzaldo feels certain the mixture of the two medications is what lead to her death.

“She was inappropriately taking her legally prescribed medication over the course of two to three weeks,” Anzaldo said. “On Sunday night, her body had enough. … Her normal amount was one thing, but over the course of time she was increasing, and not properly.”

Anzaldo also revealed during the interview that Chyna had been dead for several days before he, along with her documentary film crew, discovered her body in her Redondo Beach home.

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