WWE Changes the Name of the Global Cruiserweight Series, Jim Ross Blogs on Ryback WWE – Dispute, Says It’s Better to “Converse” Than “Confront”

WWE Changes the Name of the Global Cruiserweight Series

It looks as if WWE has changed the name of the Global Cruiserwight Series as WWE.com is now listing the 32 man tournament at the Cruiserweight Classic.

Jim Ross Blogs on the Current Ryback WWE Contract Dispute

Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at JRsBarBQ.com and below are Ross’ thoughts on the current Ryback WWE contract dispute:

“Sources say that WWE decided to send Ryback home after a spirited discussion regarding a new contract. Take it from me and this goes for virtually every walk of life one can imagine, it works infinitely better when one ‘converses’ and not ‘confronts’ when dealing with negotiations or most any facet of business. I’m not saying that was the case here with Ryback and WWE but it’s just good, general info for all of us to file away.

For the record, unless Ryback is going to be booked ala The Warrior, which isn’t a terrible idea, I can easily see Ryback as a large, overbearing bully of an antagonist in WWE. The character is globally relatable and I think that Ryback could pull it off. I do not know the back story on this matter but when negotiations run into the closing window of an existing contract the talent and the company find themselves in uncomfortable territory. Plus, sometime it is also good for all involved to part and begin anew.

Remember, conversing and not confronting will get you the results that you seek more often than not.”