Major Name Joins the Bullet Club Tonight at ROH Global Wars; Interferes in Main Event Title Match & Takes Over Show

The Young Bucks teased a new member for the world-famous Bullet Club at tonight’s ROH Global Wars PPV, and boy did they deliver. Say hello to the new face of wrestling’s most dominant faction – Adam Cole bay bay! 

In the closing minutes of a main event ROH World Championship bout between the defending Jay Lethal and hometown hero Colt Cabana, the Bullet Club rushed the ring and attacked not only the referee, but House of Truth member Taeler Hendrix, several officials; basically anyone they could get their hands on. Although for a second it seemed as if both Lethal and Cabana would be given the coveted black and white t-shirts now synonymous with the Bullet Club brand, when the house lights at the Frontier Fieldhouse came back on, it was Adam Cole that stood before a sold-out crowd. 

What followed was several minutes of absolute chaos, as the “Biz Cliz” and their brand new member destroyed everyone in sight, including commentators Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino. In a graphic show of force, Cole – a former ROH World Champion in his own right – tied Jay Lethal to the ring ropes and repeatedly superkicked the current champion in the face, until he was seemingly unconscious on the mat. 

The acquisition of Cole has to be seen as a major win for the Bullet Club, who have suffered some pretty major losses in recent months. When founding member Prince Devitt left New Japan for WWE (then becoming Finn Balor), the Club would eventually turn to AJ Styles for help. However, with not only Styles, but Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows leaving for WWE in early 2016 as well, leadership fell to IWGP Intercontinental Champion Kenny Omega. While Omega’s talent is immeasurable, as one of the best stars in the world today, the loss of three Club members followed by Shinsuke Nakamura and Kota Ibushi was a massive blow to New Japan as a whole. 

Time will tell how much of a role Adam Cole has to play in the super group going forward, or how frequently he’ll be used in Japan, but there is no doubt the promotion could use his ability.