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Reaction To How The Club Is Being Booked In WWE

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This is the second of four segments of Chair Shot Reality being filmed at Squirrel Hill sports bar in Pittsburgh. 

Josh Isenberg and pro wrestler Ronnell Hunt talk about how The Club is being booked in WWE. Here’s a sample of what was said in the beginning of the conversation:

Ronnell Hunt:

Let’s talk about The Club—first we need to change the entrance music. Let’s go with 50 Cent “In Da Club.” Boom, it’s gold. I say right now I’m loving the booking. I think they are still on fire. You see a lot of things happening. I’d say maybe once they’ve finished a whole match. Otherwise they are going in there saying we could give a crap about the rules and beating people up.

Josh Isenberg:

I think WWE needs to realize and remember The Bullet Club should not be a group based on wins and losses. They are not a unit that needs victories in the ring. It’s the mentality of that Outsider feel type invasion. They break the rules, there the guys others look at and say we’re scared of these people. I wonder though if they keep doing DQ’s and if Gallows and Anderson do keep losing if they will fall down and be less important or if the level of talent and quality in WWE balances it out?

Watch the full conversation looking at what could hurt them and where things are going.