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More Backstage Details on Damien Sandow’s WWE Release, Christian Released From His Performer’s Contract, TNA Star Shoots on WWE

In today’s WrestleTalk News, more details on Damien Sandow’s release, Christian released from WWE and a top TNA star shoots on WWE.

More Details on Damien Sandow’s Release

Our big story today is a top TNA star’s vicious shoot promo against WWE. But first, we’ve more details on exactly why Damien Sandow was released from WWE last week.

One of the most shocking releases on last week’s Future Endeavours Friday was the “Intellectual Saviour of the Masses” Damien Sandow. At the time, many questioned why WWE would let him go as he was incredibly popular with the WWE fans.

Well, now we have the answer. Sort of.

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According to PWInsider, Sandow’s release from WWE wasn’t due to anything that he had done, but the company just felt that it was time to change up the roster a bit. This led to them cutting a number of people that were lower on the card and had no particular direction. Basically, the classic “creative had nothing for him.”

These changes to the roster were also something mentioned by Vince McMahon during his investor’s conference call earlier this week.

During the call, Vince revealed that there are plans for THIRTEEN new talents to be called up to the main roster in the next couple of months.

Since the start of this year, we’ve seen around ten new additions to the main WWE roster and with thirteen more apparently still to come, the WWE could look very different come Summerslam.

This also makes reports that there are more roster cuts coming before the end of this month even more ominous as spots are set to become even more scarce.

Christian Released

Speaking of more WWE roster cuts, former World Heavyweight Champion Christian has been released from his WWE contract.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Christian has been released from his WWE performers contract as, well, he wasn’t performing. In a wrestling sense. He’s great otherwise.

Christian has actually been retired from in ring competition since mid-2014, after suffering a concussion in March of that year.

The release apparently won’t affect him filming the Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness and was essentially just a technicality due to the type of contract he was signed to.

To hear about today’s big story – of a top TNA star cutting a vicious shoot promo on WWE – watch the WrestleTalk News  above.