The Latest on CM Punk’s UFC Training, Joe vs Balor Gets Major Stipulation, Vince McMahon Sells Nearly $40 Million Worth of WWE Stock

In today’s WrestleTalk News, an update on CM Punk’s training in the UFC (spoiler – it ain’t going well), a huge announcement regarding the NXT Championship match between Samoa Joe and Finn Balor, and Vince McMahon sells nearly $40 million of WWE stock. 

CM Punk Not Doing Well In UFC Training

Our top story today is Vince McMahon selling nearly $40 million of his WWE stock, but first – how is former WWE star CM Punk is expected to fare in his first fight in the UFC?

Punk, of course, controversially walked out of the WWE back at the start of 2014, leaving his career in professional wrestling. His main new project was to become a mixed martial arts fighter, and in December that year, Dana White announced Punk signing with UFC. That was almost a year and a half ago now.

Punk’s debut fight date was originally hoped to be in the Summer of 2015, but injuries have delayed the bout. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is now reporting that Punk has not fared well in live sparring, and it’s expected his first opponent Mickey Gall will “run through” him.

The Newsletter notes that if Punk isn’t able to win that first fight, what he chooses to do next in his career could be very interesting.

NXT Cage Match

After last week’s big pull apart brawl between Finn Balor and NXT Champion Samoa Joe, William Regal has been teasing a huge announcement regarding their title match at the NXT TakeOver event on June 8th. That announcement was made yesterday, and it’s that their fight will be – for the first time ever in NXT – inside a steel cage.

This really has an old school feel. The way the massive brawl on last week’s NXT is what led to the steel cage decision – you know, to contain the chaos. I almost want it to be the old blue bar cage.

To hear about today’s top story – Vince McMahon selling nearly $40 million of WWE stock – watch the WrestleTalk News above.