This Week’s Lucha Underground Viewership Information, The Rock Linked To New Action Film Described As ‘Die Hard In China’


Lucha Underground Viewership Information

According to ShowBuzz Daily, this week’s Lucha Underground viewership information saw the first-run airing of the show brought in 114,000 viewers, which is down from last week’s 127,000. 

Additionally, the replay drew 68,000 viewers, which up from last week’s 37,000 viewers. This week’s show totaled 182,000 viewers, and despite the first-run show dropping off, Lucha Underground still made the list of the Cable Top 150 shows, coming in at 142. 

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The Rock is reporting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is currently linked to starring in another big action film, which is expected to be a ‘Die Hard’ style film, with several studios bidding on the project. 

According to the reports, there are multiple seven-figure offers on the table for the film, described as ‘Die Hard in China’ where The Rock would be a man against the odds set in the Middle Kingdom. Legendary, Universal, Sony and Paramount have all reportedly made offers, and the deal could be finalized as soon as tomorrow. 


On a related note, “Outside Interference” recently posted a video looking at the Top 5 films The Rock should totally (not) remake, as seen in the player below: