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Gabe Sapolsky Talks The Roller Coaster Year He’s Had With EVOLVE, Praises WWE’s Progressive Attitude Towards The Independents, More

Yesterday WrestleZone Radio’s WZ Daily was proud to welcome EVOLVE co-founder and booker Gabe Sapolsky!

Gabe was joined by WZ Daily host Nick Hausman and his co-host for the day SHINE ring announcer Kid Cadet.

You can find more info about the interview as well as some of Gabe’s comments transcribed below.

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On what this past year has been like for him as the relationship between EVOLVE and WWE has blossomed:

GS: It’s been a roller coaster ride to say the least. It’s been very exciting and nerve wracking. I’ve said it before and nothing is more true, this whole relationship we’ve had with WWE is completely uncharted territory. I don’t know what’s coming with the next phone call or email. When Triple H came to our show in January I had no idea he was going to be at EVOLVE that day. At noon that day I got a text that said, “Triple H would like to stop by your show.” When I wake up in the morning and check my email I have no idea what’s going to be in it. It’s been very exciting. Everything has been great. WWE has really made a commitment to go above and beyond in helping us. Even with something like offering us Norman Smiley to come to our seminar and try outs on June 10th. It’s a huge deal for not just EVOLVE but everyone in independent wrestling. To basically give every trained wrestler an opportunity to come and get feedback from Norman Smiley. A WWE Performance Center coach and a veteran with that kind of experience. To get a try out in front of him if he’s a guest there. Just an opportunity like that. In Dallas we had Matt Bloom and William Regal at our try outs. Even an under the radar thing like that is a huge thing for WWE to do. Not just to help EVOLVE but to help the entire independent scene. One thing that has been obvious in the past year is that it’s a priority to them to the make sure the independents stay strong and that flow of talent keeps coming. They do their best to help it keep flowing along. That’s exactly what they’ve done. It’s been absolutely tremendous. It’s been a wild ride but it’s definitely been an exciting time and I look forward to what the future brings. Just them giving us those Cruiserweight Classic qualifiers and then putting them on WWE.com. You look at that exposure that Fred Yehi, TJP, Drew Gulak and Tracy Williams got from that. Absolutely unbelievable stuff. Unreal. If you told me a year ago all of this would be happening I would have told you that you were crazy. A lot of credit for the progressive attitude that Triple H and the entire WWE organization has as far as helping us out. There’s no telling what’s happening next and that’s the most exciting part. If you keep watching and you know something exciting is going to happen. Something exciting just happened on Twitter as Cody Rhodes just tweeted out that he will be at the August 29th show in Joppa, MD. It’s just been a completely mind blowing 2016.


We will be rolling out more transcribed quotes from Gabe’s appearance in the coming days.

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