WWE NXT Ft Pierce Live Event Results (7/7): Hideo Itami in the Main Event, Bronson Mathews, TM61, Bayley & More (Photo Gallery Included)

WWE NXT Ft Pierce Live Event Results


Ft Pierce, FL

Results courtesy of WZ reader Tom Gibson

Andrea di Marco and Charly Caruso were hosts. 

(1) Hugo Knox beat Patrick Clarke. Good opening match. Knox using a lot of cruiserweight-type moves, Clarke using more mat-based moves. Knox almost counted out of the ring at one point before returning to get the pin

(2) Carmella and Bayley beat Daria and Mandy. Initially Daria and Mandy gang up on Carmella, Bayley arrives and they clear the ring. Match then starts with Bayley eventually pinning Daria

(3) Dan Matha beat Bronson Mathews. Much staring each other out and a slow start but then developed into a high-impact match with Matha getting a chokeslam and pin. Matha getting a lot of Mr Clean chants

(4) No Way Jose beat Angelo Dawkins. A lot of fiesta-ing to start with and a long build-up to the match. After sustaining some light damage to the ‘fro, NWJ got Dawkins’ headband which Dawkins then won back with Dawkins controlling the match. NWJ finally got the initiative to get the pin.

(5) Tag Team match. American Alpha beat TM61. Great match. Even action to start before TM61 isolated Jordan. He eventually got the tag for Gable to take the initiative and double-team one of TM61 for the pinfall win

(6) Mojo Rawley beat Wesley Blake. Unexpectedly short match but pretty good. Blake’s new attire has some similarity to Wonderwoman’s and the crowd let him know. Rawley won by pinfall

(7) Promo from Steve Cutler. Well executed, with a grievance over indy stars and athletes coming in and being fast-tracked.

(8) Alexa Bliss beat Ember Moon. Even match with a lot of skill on both sides. Alexa won by pinfall.

(9) Main event. 6 man tag. Oney Lorcan, Hideo Itami and Andrade beat The Revival and Austin Aries. Long match with Lorcan isolated for a big part of it. Andrade and Itami then came in with some high-flying kicks from Andrade and Itami pinning Aries