WWE CWC Competitor Mustafa Ali Talks Being Given a Terrorist Gimmick, His First WWE Tryout, Being the First Pakistani in WWE and More

mustafa ali
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The Express Tribune recently interviewed WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor Mustafa Ali and below are some interview highlights:

On his first WWE tryout back in 2013:

“I was told that I wrestle well, but I don’t look like what they needed at that moment.”

On being given a terrorist gimmick as part of “Team Taliban” on the independent circuit:

“That was actually the idea of a promoter who wanted me to play a terrorist type of a character. I was never really a fan of portraying that, so I portrayed a character that could not escape racial discrimination in America.

“I’m a proud Muslim. I’m proud to have a Pakistani origin. And I want this country to accept me. I want to bring to light the fact that we are all the same.”

On being the first Pakistani wrestler in WWE:

“I think being the only Pakistani wrestler in WWE will bring some attention from the country as well. I’ll do my best to do Pakistan proud and give them something to cheer about.”