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Ryback Gets New Indy Ring Name?, More on Shoot Comments Made by Ryback & Joey Styles Prior to WWE Releases, Bobby Roode News

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Ryback’s Gets New Indy Ring Name?

While it has yet to be known if this will be his permanent new name, Ryback is being billed for WrestleCade as “The Big Guy, formerly known as Ryback.” His Twitter name has also been changed to “The Big Guy”.

Bobby Roode News

Bobby Roode’s WWE NXT theme song, titled “Glorious Domination”, is now available on Spotify at this link.

More on Shoot Comments Made by Ryback and Joey Styles Prior to WWE Releases

In related news, this week’s episode of the WrestleTalk News covers shoot comments made by Ryback and Joey Styles prior to their releases from WWE.

Our top story is Ryback finally being released by WWE! But first, another long-time WWE talent has reportedly been let go from the company.

Oh my gawd, it’s Joey Styles.

Pro Wrestling Sheet are reporting that the Vice President of Digital Media Content – which means he ran the website – and former WWE and ECW announcer Joey Styles has been released from company. There’s no word yet on when exactly he was released, or why, but this has very interestingly come after a Facebook Live ‘shoot’ Q+A he recently participated in.

During the Q+A, Styles called WWE’s three man announce teams “horrible,” used the word ‘belt’ when referring to the company’s championships – a big Vince McMahon pet peeve – talked about Roman Reigns being pushed even though the ‘smart’ fans dislike him, and criticised the WWE Universal Title name. He even joked at the end that the Q+A would be remembered as “what got him fired from WWE.”

The interview has since been deleted from WWE’s YouTube and Facebook pages.

This isn’t Styles’ first shoot while still being employed by WWE. In 2006, he cut a vicious worked shoot on how bad WWE commentary was – referencing many issues the announcers still have today – just before he quit the company.

Many credit Styles for the WWE website’s ‘smart fan’ content – with articles on subjects like Seth Rollins’ time in Ring of Honor to how Sabu changed wrestling. Expect the site’s tone to become far more ‘WWE corporate’ following Styles’ reported departure.

For today’s top story – Ryback being released by WWE – watch the WrestleTalk News below.