TNA Impact Wrestling TV Taping Results For 8/18 and One Night Only PPV *Spoilers*

impact wrestling


The following results are tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping results that took place after tonight’s ‘live’ episode of Impact on POP. The results consist of content taped for next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, as well as content for a future TNA One Night Only taping: 

TNA One Night Only PPV

The Tribunal defeated The Bromans

EC3 defeated Trevor Lee

Drew Galloway defeated Andrew Everett

Impact Wrestling (scheduled to air 8/18/16)

Eli Drake comes out and cuts a promo, saying he’s mad that he didn’t get featured on Impact Wrestling live last week, but Aron Rex had the red carpet rolled out for him. Mahabali Shera comes out and tells him to shut up and fight and mocks him with a ‘dummy, yeah!’

Eli Drake defeated Mahabali Shera

Moose defeated Eddie Edwards

James Storm comes to the ring and calls for referee Brian Hebner, saying somebody screwed up in last week’s title match because he had Lashley pinned. Billy Corgan comes out to try and calm Storm down, noting that the referee’s decision is final. Storm says the fans want a rematch and so does he, so he’d better get one or he’s likely to think there’s a conspiracy against him in the company. Corgan tells him this all breaks down to wins and losses, and Storm lost, so maybe it’s just about Storm not being able to win the big one.

Storm pulls out a hammer and threatens Corgan, then threatens to destroy the ring as security runs out. He cuts a promo about how he’s still here after guys like AJ and Roode left, because he believes in TNA. Storm then attacks a security guard, and tells Corgan he’ll ‘smash his pumpkin’ if they ever cross paths again, and Corgan suspends him indefinitely.