Eric Bischoff On Lesnar & Orton Invading Each Other’s Brands, “I Think It Was A Mistake”; Compares WWE’s Brand Split To NWO & WCW

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On what he thinks of the decision to have Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton “invade” each other’s brands so soon after the WWE Draft :

EB: From my perspective having failed at one brand split, my own, the NWO and WCW. Having been part of a previous WWE brand split back when they first attempted it. One of the first things that I said a month or two ago before we even saw the current brand split was, “Unless they have the creative discipline to really make those two brands feel distinctive and unique. Allow them to find their own character and personality. Just like you would with a wrestler. Unless they have that creative discipline all they’re going to do is dilute the effort.” By having cross over so early on… I mean, it’s brand new. The packaging is still on it. To have that kind of cross over so early, in my opinion as a guy who is no longer in the wrestling business but is a fan of it, I think it was a mistake. I think if they continue to make that mistake the brand split and the anticipation it created and the excitement that it generated will dissipate real quick. 

This week’s “The Business of Professional Wrestling” segment features Eric discussing:

  • WWE and Joey Styles parting ways
  • The fine line WWE Superstars walk by saying controversial things about the company while under contract
  • Dean Ambrose’s comments on the live Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network about Brock Lesnar being lazy and not wanting to do business in their WrestleMania 32 bout
  • How Conor McGregor’s comments could have affected a bigger deal between WWE & UFC
  • Whether RAW’s ratings dropping sharply this week means anything
  • If it’s time to turn John Cena heel now due to his busy “Hollywood” schedule
  • His thoughts on The New Day
  • The return of the squash match to WWE
  • UFC fighter Conor McGregor’s recent controversial comments about Brock Lesnar and WWE Superstars
  • More…

He then airs the second half of his interview with Nick Aldis (aka Magnus). During the interview they discuss:

  • Eric thinking Nick had “a chip on his shoulder” the first time they met
  • Nick’s work with Sting in TNA
  • The uphill battle he faced in TNA being labeled a “Dixie Project”
  • Chris Jericho’s leap from WCW to WWE and the difference in storytelling
  • The Cruiserweight Classic
  • How we are currently in the wild west of digital distribution and advertising
  • Why Nick thinks Chael Sonnen was the pro wrestler in 2012
  • More…

Today’s show wraps up with Eric answering a handful of questions from fans

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