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IGN Reveals The Biggest Changes In WWE 2K17, Brock Lesnar Takes Heath Slater To Suplex City, More RAW Highlights (Videos)

WWE 2K17 

IGN.com‘s Vince Ingenito posted a new update on some of the biggest changes coming to WWE 2K17 when it is released, including a new ladder match mechanic, reversal system and much more. You can read the descriptions and critiques of the ladder match and submission/chain controls below; click here for the full article. 

Ladder Match Overhaul

In real life, a ladder match means high-impact, high-altitude spots that get the crowd out of their seats. In wrestling games, ladder matches mean a lot of fussing over how to place your ladder properly, and a lot of clunky looking interactions. No more.

In WWE 2K17, the ladder can only be set up in five specific locations: in front of each set of ropes, and in the center of the ring. Just get close to one, press the right button, and it gets set up properly every time. No more setting it up and climbing to the top, only to find you were an inch too far to the left.

On top of that, you can set a ladder up as a bridge from the apron to the outside barrier, opening up lots of new opportunities. I personally get arm dragged from the inside of the ring to the outside through a ladder before I could do anything more creative, but the possibilities are totally there.

Chain Wrestling and Submission Changes

Of all the neat new features we’ve seen from Yukes and Visual Concepts over the last few years, Chain Wrestling and the new submission system have been the two most contentious. They aren’t going anywhere this year, but some changes have been made to help address the complaints some of the fanbase has voiced.

Chain Wrestling is no longer automatically engaged at the start of a match. It will still happen if two characters try to grapple each other simultaneously, or in other situations based on the wrestler’s style and personality, but it is no longer the standard way to start a match. While I dig the Chain Wrestling system, it being the guaranteed match opener didn’t make a lot of sense, so I’m glad it plays a smaller role.

As for the submission system, it’s been tuned so that your rotating “pie wedges” aren’t so slippery. It definitely feels like you have more control in submission situations as a result. That said, some people still just want to mash buttons, and for them, an alternate submission system can be turned on that let’s them go back to the days of controller smashing and mashing. How that will work online with people wanting different styles is up in the air, but it’s cool that 2K is giving everyone a chance to play the way they want.


The following videos feature Brock Lesnar’s response to Heath Slater’s match challenge, and more RAW highlights: 

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