WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Results (4/27): Who Were The Big Winners At The Greatest Royal Rumble?, More

WWE The Greatest Royal Rumble Results

April 27th, 2018

From Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Report By Nick Hausman for Wrestlezone.com

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The Greatest Royal Rumble begins with instrumental versions of both the Saudi Arabian and United States National Anthems.

Match #1: Triple H vs John Cena

Triple H is the first man to walk to the ring. Tons and tons of lasers around the arena along with fireworks shooting out of the roof of the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium.

John Cena makes his way to the ring accompanied by a few dozen children, boys and girls, from Saudi Arabia. He asks a few of them, “What do you never forget to do?” To which they replied, “Never give up.” Pretty incredible visual. This was accompanied by another massive fireworks display over the stadium.

The match starts with both men taking in the giant eruption of noise coming from everyone in the stadium for several minutes. Cena then finally offers Triple H a test of strength and the two bulls push against each other in the center of the ring. Both men jocky for position before Triple H begins to overpower Cena. Triple H takes control and shoots Cena off the ropes into a shoulder tackle before mocking Cena with his “You can’t see me taunt” as Cena begins to get to his feet.

Cena gets to his feet and hits Triple H with a shoulder tackle of his own. Cena then shoots Triple H into the corner, runs at him only for Triple H to move out of the way and send Cena into the turnbuckles. Triple H then beats down Cena with kicks while the crowd boos him loudly. Cena then grabs Triple H for a schoolboy while Triple H was attempting to taunt him for a two count.

Triple H then begins to violently whip John Cena back and forth between corner turnbuckles. Triple H is in control as he stalks Cena in the corner. Triple H goes to whip Cena into the corner one more time only to have Cena grab the ropes and stop him. Triple H grabs Cena regardless, throws him off the ropes and synchs in a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Cena powers his way out of the sleeper hold, shoots Triple H off the road, hits a few shoulder tackles and attempts to hit his side suplex only for Triple H to counter with a hip toss.

Triple H grabs Cena and smashes him face first into his knee. Triple H then picks up Cena and goes for pedigree, Cena counters and finally hits his side suplex on Triple H. Triple H kicks out of a pinfall attempt, grabs Cena, hits his own side suplex and then hits Cena’s own Five Knuckle Shuffle on him. Triple H goes for the pinfall but Cena manages to kick out. Triple H charges at Cena when they get to their feet, Cena ducks and sends Triple H over the top rope to the outside.

The two men brawl on the outside briefly before getting back into the ring. Triple H is out on his feet and Cena goes to the top rope for his top rope legdrop on Triple H. Triple H takes a step back and hit Cena with a big spinebuster as Cena comes flying out of the air from the top rope. Both men get to their feet and begin exchanging punches. Cena gets Triple H to the mat and applies the STFU. Triple H gets close to the ropes so Cena releases the hold, drags Triple H to the middle of the ring and tries to apply the move again. Triple H gets to his feet before the move can be applied again and hits another spinebuster.

Triple H maintains control for a moment before Cena reverses his offense into a side suplex and finally hits his Five Kuckle Shuffle on Triple H. Triple H pops up to his feet completely dazed and Cena hits him with the Attitude Adjustment. Cena goes for the pinfall and Triple H kicks out. The crowd is going crazy.

Cena picks up Triple H and goes to hit another Attitude Adjustment only for Triple H to reverse it into a Pedigree. Both men are down on the ground and working to get to their feet. Triple H is the first man to get to his feet, goes for a Pedigree, Cena reverses it into an AA attempt, Triple H slides down Cena’s back into a sunset pinfall attempt and then Cena synchs in his STFU again.

Triple H muscles his way out of the submission only for Cena to grab him for an AA, shoots a dazed Triple H into the corner, dazes him further and hits a final AA to win the match.

Your Winner: John Cena

Cena grabs a microphone and tells the crowd he is honored and proud to be a part of The Greatest Royal Rumble. He also says that no matter what is going on in his life, alluding to his break-up with Nikki, he made sure to be a part of this show tonight. He thanks the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their hospitality and drops the mic.

Really incredible way to start the show. The opening entrances really set the bar for the pageantry we are going to see on this show.

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