Lucha Underground Results (10/5) – Matanza vs Puma, Cage/Texano 2, Brand New Luchador


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Lucha Underground Results

October 5th, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

* I would like to apologize to the readers for this article coming out late. Recently for the past four months I’ve been dealing with serious cable and internet issues, that’s why I wasn’t able to deliver this article live last night. My goal with these play by play articles are to deliver an unique transcription of these wrestling show’s that you can’t get anywhere else. If you have any suggestions for these play by play articles going forward please let me know on Twitter @WZJoshLopez 

– It’s time for everyone’s favorite game show. Dario’s Dial of Doom. Cueto’s brother Matanza will defend the Lucha Underground Championship against Prince Puma. Even though Puma was the first champion, his brother is the greatest champion in the history of the temple. In the main event Puma will become another Matanza casualty.