Lucha Underground Results (1/11): MATANZA/Azteca Death Match, Mack Attacks Mundo, Veneno’s Debut


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Lucha Underground Results

January 11th, 2017

Report By Joshua Lopez for

– Dario Cueto and his associate Delgado are in his office. El Dragon Azteca storms into the office and says that he’s not here to make new friends. He wants to fight Dario Cueto’s brother, Matanza. He tried break Rey Mysterio. Azteca challenges Matanza to a Death Match.

– Vampiro says that Mil Muertes time will come.

First Match: El Texano vs. Joey Ryan 

Ryan puts a lollipop in his tights. Ryan and Texano goes into a collar and elbow tie up. Texano backs Ryan into the corner. Ryan wants a clean break. Ryan kicks Texano in the gut. Ryan applies a side headlock. Ryan goes for a shoulder tackle, but Texano blocks it. Texano drops Ryan with a shoulder tackle. Ryan goes for an ankle pick, but Texano holds onto the ropes. Texano bounces Ryan’s head on the top turnbuckle. Texano connects with a slingshot senton for a two count.

Ryan rolls out of the ring. Ryan knocks Texano off the ring apron. Texano is whipped face first into the steel guard rail. Ryan kicks Texano in the back. Ryan brings out the lollipop and licks it. Ryan chokes Texano with his boot in the corner. Ryan throws his lollipop at Texano. Ryan with a snap mare into a rear chin lock. Texano with a elbow strike to the gut of Ryan. Ryan dropkicks Texano for a two count. Famous B and Brenda walk down to ringside. Texano with a boot to the face of Ryan.

Texano with a flying leg lariat off the top rope for a two count. Ryan goes for a sunset flip, but Texano gets back on his feet. Texano with a side kick to the head of Ryan. Texano connects with the tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Texano with a basement dropkick that sends Ryan crashing to the outside. Texano follows that up with a slingshot crossbody. Famous B says that Texano is awesome. Texano ascends to the top rope. Ryan connects with a exploder suplex. Ryan with a release kick for a two count. Ryan and Famous B gets into a tug of war over Texano’s bull rope. Brenda rolls a golden horseshoe into the ring. Texano hits Ryan in the face with the horseshoe to pickup the victory.

Winner: El Texano