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Daughter of DDP Reveals More Details on New Women’s Wrestling League, More Notable Names Involved, Potential Start Date and More

Brittany Page, the daughter of Diamond Dallas Page, joined Ryan Rider to discuss details of the new women’s wrestling league which was announced earlier this week. You can check out the entire show at this link and below are some interview highlights:

Details on the new women’s wrestling league:

Couldn’t be happier. I can’t believe all this has happened overnight. We are all so excited to start this project and get it rolling. The girls on the project are the best girls that could be put together for this. We were all raised the same, and are kind of like the exact same person in different bodies. We all met for the first time Saturday night and we ended up having a 7 ½ hour dinner. It was amazing; it couldn’t go better. Brooke Hogan is working very closely with the creators of GLOW. Create something new, a buzz for the wrestling world. Knowing that coming from this wrestling world, growing up in the locker room you have a difference perspective; a very personal side. We all have something special to add. When she was putting this group of girls together, she really did a lot of research and a lot of work to put the right girls together. It’s a great group. Two others who are going to be a part of the project are Guerrero’s daughter and Beefcake’s daughter. Brooke brought in Lacey [Von Erich] because she was a wrestler and knows a lot about wrestling. So she’ll be in charge of talent and bringing everybody in. I own a public relations company so I’ll be doing PR. Everybody has their own job. We want to do something that is empowering women and something that people want to watch. You’d think we had known each other our entire lives but we had just met. A great experience and I’m going back on Thursday for another meeting. It’s been a whirlwind.

What’s her character going to be:

Can’t talk about characters yet but I’ve always been the nurturing one in my group of friends so it’ll be hard to deviate from that. I could be whoever they want me to be, but it would be tough to be the bad guy but if they needed it I could probably figure out a way for it to be done.

Potential start date:

Not at this moment. People are excited to get this started and work at 100 miles per hour to get this in front of the people. I’m hoping that in the next few months we will have progress to report. We are still in talks as to where and how we want to air our show.

Advice from her father, Diamond Dallas Page:

My dad is such as great dad. I couldn’t have gotten any luckier. He told me to be smart, work hard, and to always look good while doing it. When you’re in the wrestling world you have to be smart all the time and everything you do is watched. You have to always be thinking about the way you look and the way you say things. He’s obviously limited with his involvement with the company since he’s contracted to other companies but as a father his advice has been unparalleled to any other advice I’ve ever received.