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Edge’s ‘Cutting Edge’ Guest Revealed For 900th Smackdown, First Look At New Comic Feat. The Shield, What Is Y2J’s Most Memorable Move?

The Shield

WWE posted an exclusive preview for the new WWE comic book featuring the ‘untold Shield break up story’, which is now in stores. The preview features panels from the comic with The Shield fighting The Wyatt Family; click here to read the preview.

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.” #1 tells the story of what led to the Shield’s break up, Seth Rollins’ motivations behind splitting the group up, and their bond when fighting the Wyatt Family. The story is written by Dennis Hopeless, with art by Dan Mora and colors by Doug Garbark.

Cutting Edge

WWE has confirmed the guest on next week’s Cutting Edge segment will be Shane McMahon.

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Chris Jericho

WWE has been celebrating Chris Jericho’s birthday today with some career highlight photos and videos, and posted the following poll: