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WWE NXT Results (11/23): Huge Six-Women Tag Main Event, and More!

NXT_coverageWWE NXT Results

November 23rd, 2016

Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Rich Swann vs Kona Reeves

Reeves forces Swann into the corner as soon as the bell ring. Reeves tosses Swann clear across the ring. Reeves misses a clothesline and Swann dances away. Swann hits the ropes, but Reeves tossed Swann in the air and Samoan dropped him. Reeves misses a splash and gets caught in the ropes. Swann hits multiple clotheslines, but Reeves will not go down. Swann hits the ropes and finally gets Reeves off his feet with a leaping clothesline. Running enziguri by Swann. Swann sets up his standing 450, but he doesn’t get the full rotation. It ends up only being a front flip leg drop. Before Swann can pin Reeves, SAnity comes to the ring and  attacks both Swann and Reeves.

No Contest

After the match, SAnity destroys both Reeves and Swann. Eric Young grabs a mic and says… some stuff…  err. I guess he is mad because they tried to do it our way but they got nothing in return. They aren’t going to ask permission, they are going to take.