Lucha Underground Results (11/30) – Black Lotus Triad vs Pentagon Dark


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Lucha Underground Results

November 30th, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Vampiro and Pentagon Dark Segment: 

Pentagon bumps into Vampiro in the locker room area. Vampiro says that eventually, everybody has to pay for their sins. We see a flashback of Pentagon Dark attacking Vampiro. Even if Pentagon makes it out of the temple tonight alive, there’s still going to be hell to pay. Just because Vampiro isn’t Pentagon’s master anymore, doesn’t mean he’s forgotten what he did to him. Pentagon responds with a Cero Miedo hand gesture and walks away.

First Match: Pentagon Dark vs. Doku in a Gauntlet Match 

Doku urges Pentagon to fight. Collar and elbow tie up and Pentagon drives Doku into the corner. Doku lights Pentagon up in the corner with a series of rapid fires slaps across the face. Doku lands a knife edge chop to the chest of Pentagon. Doku with a low blow to Pentagon. Pentagon responds with a vicious dropkick. Pentagon argues with referee, Marty Elias. Doku kicks the back of Pentagon’s right leg. Doku lands a series of forearm strikes. Doku with a modified spinning back fist in the corner. Doku follows that up with a running forearm.

Pentagon explodes out of the corner with a SuperKick. Pentagon with a vicious kick to the ass region of Doku. Pentagons slaps Doku in the chest. Pentagon rolls Doku out of the ring. Pentagon kicks Doku in the back. Pentagon rams Doku face across one of the walls in the temple. Doku is sent face first into the steel ring post. Pentagon with another kick in the back. Pentagon with a Gorilla Press and launches Doku face first to the ring apron. Pentagon with another SuperKick. Pentagon rolls Doku back into the ring. Pentagon kicks Doku in the hamstring. Doku goes for a spear, but Pentagon gets her in position for a Razor’s Edge. Doku gets back on her feet, ducks a clothesline and Spear’s Pentagon. Doku ascends to the top rope. Doku connects with a flying elbow drop. Doku goes for it again, but Pentagon gets her trapped in the Sacrifice which leads to the referee calling for the bell after Pentagon snaps Doku’s arm.

Winner: Pentagon Dark