TNA Impact Wrestling Results (12/1) – Broken Matt Returns, Two New Champions Crowned, EC3 Calls Out Eddie Edwards

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

December 1st, 2016 

Report By Joshua Lopez for 

Aron Rex Promo: 

Rex wants to know how’s everybody doing in the Impact Zone? Rex is going to point out the obvious. For the last few months, Rex has established the Grand Championship as the number one title in this industry, in the world, in any kind of competition. Rex has always given the fans what they wanted. So for the spirit of competition, Rex issues an open challenge to anybody in the locker room. Moose accepts Rex’s challenge. Rex wants the production crew to play Grado’s music. Rex doesn’t want Moose to come down to the ring.

First Match: Aron Rex (c) vs. Moose for the TNA Impact Grand Championship 

Round one begins as Rex backs himself into the ropes to create separation. Moose goes for the collar and elbow tie up, but Rex rolls out of the ring. Rex does a cartwheel at ringside. Rex slowly gets back into the ring. Rex and Moose finally lock horns. Moose shoves Rex into the canvas. Rex with a nip up and kicks Moose in the gut. Rex applies a side headlock.

Rex rakes the eyes of Moose as he gets out of the headlock. Moose ducks a clothesline from Rex. Moose drops Rex with the Game Changer to pickup the victory. Jeremy Borash interviews Moose after the match. Borash points out that Moose won the match in record time. Since the first night Moose came to TNA, he’s made an major impact. Aron Rex was a good champion, but truth be told, he had no chance. For the boys in the back that want an opportunity at his championship, Moose has one word for you, MOOSE! MOOSE! MOOSE!

Winner: New TNA Impact Grand Champion Moose Via Pinfall In The First Round