Impact Wrestling Results (3/2): New Champion Crowned, Lashley/Barnett, The Hardy’s Invade MCW

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Impact Wrestling Results

March 2nd, 2017 

Report By Joshua Lopez for 

First Match: Rosemary (c) vs. Jade in a Last Knockout Standing Match for the TNA Knockout’s Championship 

Jade attacks Rosemary before the bell rings. Rosemary repeatedly kicks Jade in the ribs. Jade bounces Rosemary head on the ring apron. Jade connects with the suicide dive. Jade rolls Rosemary back into the ring. Jade goes for the Package Piledriver, but Rosemary counters with a back bodydrop. Jade plants Rosemary with a german suplex. She follows that up with another german suplex. Rosemary gets back on her feet at the count of six. Jade drops Rosemary with a basement dropkick. Rosemary regains momentum with a right hand. Rosemary tosses garbage cans and kendo sticks into the ring. Rosemary with a thrust kick to the ribs. Rosemary goes into the ground and pound attack.

Rosemary bounces Jades head on the top turnbuckle. Rosemary follows that with a flying forearm in the corner. Rosemary applies an modified tarantula lock. Rosemary repeatedly hits Jade in the face with the garbage can. Rosemary places the garbage can in between Jades legs. Rosemary connects with the Coast to Coast. Jade gets back up at the count of nine. Jade with a series of palm strikes to Rosemary. Jade lights Rosemary back up with the kendo stick. Jade with a running knee strike. Jade slaps Rosemary. Jade plants Rosemary with a powerbomb through the garbage can.

Rosemary gets back up at the count of nine. Jade goes for a flying crossbody, but Rosemary spits green mist into Jades eyes. Rosemary connects with Red Wedding. Jade nearly avoids the ten count. Rosemary with a running forearm that sends Jade crashing to the outside. Rosemary lands another Red Wedding on the outside. Jade holds onto the steel ring post to avoid the ten count. Jade sends Rosemary face first to the steel ring post. Jade spits mist into Rosemary’s eyes. Jade Powerbomb’s Rosemary on the steel ring steps. Rosemary made it back up at the count of nine. Jade with a vicious buzzsaw kick across the chest on the ramp. Jade goes for another Powerbomb, but again Rosemary spits mist into Jades eyes. Rosemary lands her third Red Wedding to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still TNA Knockout’s Champion, Rosemary