TNA Impact Wrestling Results (1/26): New Champion Crowned, Rosemary/Jade Monsters Ball, The Broken Hardy’s Are Put To The Test

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

January 26th, 2017 

Report By Joshua Lopez for 

The Broken Hardy’s, The DCC and Decay In-Ring Segment: 

Oh Yes! It’s truly a genesis for Impact Wrestling. The Hardy’s stand on top of the wrestling of the world and still are the tag team champions of the world. The duo to destine to be the greatest tag team in all of space and time is here. Brother Nero fought valiantly to grab the green briefcase and has the opportunity to cash it in on Open Fight Night, Next Week. It’s quiet, lovely. Broken Matt asks Brother Nero if he has any information he would like to release? Creatures, The Hardy’s are the tag team champions. Brother Nero is number one. Maybe it’s time for the charismatic enigma to become TNA World Champion again. Brother Nero asks Broken Matt if he’s heard anything from the seven deities? Broken Matt says that he’s obtain an vivid premonition.

In that premonition, there will be a sea of championships and challengers. The Hardy’s started a tag team evolution that’s never been seen before. House Hardy had a wonderful picnic at the lake of recreation and the premonition became more clearer. Broken Matt needs to go back to his egyptian roots and capture the King of Gold, so the Hardy’s can rule Impact Wrestling, forever. His broken brilliance must acquire every piece of gold known to man. The DCC comes down to the ring to interrupt The Hardy’s. Ladies and gentlemen give it up for the Hardy Boyz.

Storm knows about the revolution’s. The only revolution you should worry about is the DCC. Storm brings up open fight night. The DCC also captured one of the four briefcases from the Race For The Case. Storm says that DCC should show The Hardy’s why they are the, Death Crew Council. The Decay joins the conversation. The Hardy’s speaks about the tag team revolution, The DCC speaks about revenge and The Decay speaks about opportunity. Crazy Steve says why not kill two birds with one stone, let hell rain down on the Impact Zone, and the only team to survive can call themselves champions? The DCC is in. Broken Matt says that if you want a war, then let the war commence.