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Virgil Comments On Getting His Own Action Figure, How Andre The Giant Reacted To His Figure, Which Current Stars Impress Him

Virgil recently spoke with The Memorabilia Guy; you can read a few excerpts below:

Virgil comments on the importance of getting his own WWF action figure: 

At the time it was cool as shit. I was doing tours of Europe and I started getting these appearances from Vince [McMahon] to sign at Toy’s R Us and places like that. It was cool that Ted [DiBiase] and I had a real strong gimmick that needed to create a collector’s item. Everyone knew me and to have my own figure really cemented my place in history as one of the greatest managers of all time.

Virgil comments on what other past WWF stars thought of their action figures: 

George Steele had the prickly skin, he got hot at that. I also remember Andre [The Giant] once bit off the head of his doll, he was so hammered in Germany. Mr. Fuji dared him, it was wild. I also remember [Randy] Savage asking why his muscles were smaller than other dudes. You never know what people are gonna say but in this business you gotta be ready to hear it all.

Which modern era wrestlers have impressed Virgil the most? 

I would say Blue Meanie is a solid dude. I also think that Jinder Mahal has serious meat sauce. Rusev stole my nose guard gimmick and that is totally cool and a compliment. Cesaro crushes it.
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