Figure Friday: WWE Network Spotlight Vince McMahon (Photos)

Welcome to Figure Friday! Today we’ll be taking a look at the Toys R Us Exclusive Elite WWE Network Spotlight Mr. McMahon! Don’t worry if it seems like you have no chance in hell finding this figure, as it’s pretty readily available at all Toys R Us stores. If you don’t happen to have a Toys R Us store you can order him right now on the Toys R Us website here and get free shipping, which is what I did to avoid driving around to find one (even though this series is relatively easy to find).

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Before I get started I’d just like to thank the 200+ people who voted on my personal Twitter poll this past weekend, I really appreciate the participation! Look for a poll for next week’s review sometime this weekend!

Let’s take a look at the chairman himself in the packaging. Looking at the box this is in the typical color scheme the Toys R Us Network Spotlight Elite series comes in. It’s a series that highlights random moments you can see on the Network, which is a pretty clever marketing tactic in my honest opinion. You can see Vince is packaged with his shirt off, most likely to prevent any dye from the shirt bleeding onto the plastic, as that will happen sometimes when figures ship from overseas in their cloth clothing. The Attitude Era title is also hanging from his left hand, which is a cool display for those who keep their figures mint on card. On the back it sums up the moment this is based on, which is when he won the Royal Rumble in 1999.

Once you remove Vince from the box you can see the somewhat obnoxious body they gave him. It does make me laugh a bit, as I know Vince was in great shape for his age, but I don’t recall him ever being that ripped. But it’s Vince, so what do you expect, right? He has the typical Elite articulation with the chest joint and ball jointed legs, although his legs are slightly different due to the pant mold they chose. They gave him dress pants style legs, which many people were complaining about as they believe he wore jeans, which explains the Levis style box on the back of his pants. When I watched the footage from this moment to recreate my photo above it was hard to tell if he was in fact wearing jeans or dress pants. Yes, people do get concerned about the accuracy of their figures. Me, honestly, it’s not a huge deal as I’m just happy to have a figure from this moment but to some it’s an issue. If you know feel free to comment below and clarify. I had a hard time being able to tell myself, as the footage was old on YouTube (didn’t look it up on the Network).

There really isn’t a lot of detail on this figure as it’s a pretty simple outfit. His head scan is a younger smiling Vince with darker colored hair, as he wasn’t as gray then like he is now. It’s a decent scan in my opinion that looks pretty much like him from that time, plus he has the evil grin, which is perfect. He has taped hands as well and that’s really about it besides the Levis box design on the back of his pants as mentioned before. His shirt is very easy to put on and remove as you just un-velcro it in the back then velcro it up to seal it on him. It’s a little baggy but it is a “sweatshirt” as he wore in that moment so it’s as accurate as it can be. Looking at the belt it’s an awesome title if you missed out on it from older figures. The detail in the plates are great and really make it a nice accessory piece for your Attitude Era figures.

Overall, the figure is all right. It’s not the most exciting and I’m not a fan of how ripped they made him. If the pants truly were jeans then that’s a goof on Mattel’s behalf but other than that it’s not bad. It’s not my favorite figure in the Network Spotlight series but it’s still a fun moment in WWE history. Apparently the Ministry Undertaker and NXT TakeOver Dallas Finn Bálor with the chainsaw in this series are hitting shelves now on the west coast right now so keep an eye out for those very soon as well. I plan to review those once I get my hands on them so look for that in the coming weeks.

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