Backstage News On Original Plans For Bayley’s Women’s Championship Win, WWE Edits Big E’s Russian Remark, Preview Of WWE Studios’ Film Sleight


As seen in the video below, WWE edited out Big E’s remark about Lana being Russian during their segment on WWE RAW last night.

The new clip omitted his line, about Lana stealing The New Day’s ice cream plans because she was Russian; you can see the edit right after the 1:50 mark as the crowd laughing at the joke is still there. WWE previously edited a comment he made back in December about Charlotte becoming a 16-time champion in a month.


Dave Meltzer noted on the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE had originally planned on having Bayley win the RAW Women’s title at Wrestlemania 33, instead of last week on RAW.

Bayley would have then defended the title at WWE Payback in April, which takes place in her hometown of San Jose, California.



The following clip is a new scene from the upcoming WWE Studios film ‘Sleight’: