(Photo by Josh Brasted/WireImage)

Big Show on How He Got His Six-Pack, The Rock’s Love of Karaoke, Hulk Hogan Ribbing Him to Wear His WCW Title Belt at the Airport (Videos)

WWE star Big Show was the guest on “Conan” tonight, and you can check out clips from his appearance below.

Big Show started off discussing how he got his six-pack, and he noted he has lost 90 pounds since July of last year, and that he started burning a lot of calories because he wanted to make a change in his career and look. Show said he now weighs 373 pounds.

Show also discussed becoming the youngest WCW Champion of all-time when he defeated Hulk Hogan. Show talked about what a good friend of his Hulk Hogan is, and he recalled Hogan telling him at the age of 23 that he needed to wear his WCW Championship belt everywhere, including at the airport. Show went on to say he went through the metal detector, took his belt off, and then he was approached by Sting. Sting asked him what he was doing, and then told him to take the belt off because he looked like an idiot. That’s when he knew Hogan was ribbing him.

In the final video, Show discusses Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s love of Karaoke.