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Triple H’s Full Comments Regarding WWE Performance Center Expansion & Kyle O’Reilly’s WWE Future


WWE just wrapped it’s NXT Takeover: Orlando conference call hosted by Paul “Triple H” Levesque. The full audio from the call will be released shortly by WrestleZone Radio as part of it’s weekly NXT Rebellion show hosted by comedian Jamie Campbell.

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On the future of the WWE Performance Center and possibly launching WWE Performance Centers around the world:

Those are conversations I have been having since the moment I started making the WWE Performance Center. Having a team here and figuring out how is the best way to execute that. I look at the WWE Performance Center and how it started. How we have right in the ballpark of 100 talents in the WWE Performance Center. We are maxed size wise. I’ve outgrown a little bit where we are and I’d love it to be more robust.

There are some things obviously that, going into this for the first time, here’s how we are going to do it. Now you look back at it and say, “Oh, I would have done this differently. I would have changed that.”  I want to perfect the system and then it’s, “How do you make it grow?” How do you make it so that as we are globally recruiting and going out there to these different markets.

I’ve said it before but we were just in China last year and now we have ten Chinese talents in the WWE Performance Center training on a daily basis. It’s huge but it comes with a lot of things that when we very first started this we didn’t take into account like, “How do you communicate with ten Chinese speaking talents on a daily basis for training?” There’s a lot of components that got added in. As we begin to reach out more and more globally I think you can see that happening. Whether that’s us being in the Philippines or Malaysia and doing try-outs and camps or like we’re going to be at the end of April in Dubai for a big try-out. What we are doing in the UK which is getting local, on the ground content. That’s something we are working hard at.

On Kyle O’Reilly possibly making the leap to WWE:

Kyle is an amazingly talented kid. I have no doubt that he will end up in the WWE at some point and time and will show the whole world what he’s capable of. I think it just comes down to where he’s at and his availability and where we’re at with our availability to work with him. I hope those two worlds collide very soon because I’d love to have him. He’s a very talented kid.

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Wrestlezone will have more of Triple H’s comments from the call transcribed throughout the day. Again, the full audio from the call will be released shortly by WrestleZone Radio as part of it’s weekly NXT Rebellion show hosted by comedian Jamie Campbell.

During the full call Triple H discusses:

  • It being “gut check time” for WWE Superstars before WrestleMania
  • The NXT taping taking place the Wednesday after WrestleMania
  • The full NXT Takeover: Orlando card
  • What he meant from his last media call about being “unhappy with NXT”
  • What the WWE UK talent will be doing at AXXESS
  • Patrick Clark being a “sponge” for knowledge
  • His desire for the WWE Performance Center to grow and possibly have more WWE Performance Centers around the world
  • The possibility of NXT doing a show in Spain
  • Kyle O’Reilly and whether he has a future in WWE
  • Bobby Roode’s progress in NXT
  • Talent from outside WWE being on a learning curve
  • What it means for him to still be performing at WrestleMania
  • More…

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