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Triple H on WWE Trainers Wanting to Cut Enzo Amore, Why He Decided to Keep Him, The Difficulty of Wrestling as a Part-Timer and More

triple h
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WWE star Tripe H recently spoke with ESPN and below are some interview highlights:

People wanting to cut Enzo Amore:


“There’s been guys that have made it that over the course of a couple of years that were constantly on the cut list. Enzo Amore, when I brought him in, everyone at the tryout was saying, ‘Get rid of this kid!’ I was like, ‘He’s got a huge personality. If he can annoy us all this bad here, imagine what he can do on TV.’ … Every time he’d get his review, they’d be like, ‘I’d cut him.’ Dusty [Rhodes] and I would be like, ‘Keep him.’ Look at him now. … Is he ever going to make you money from an in-ring performer standpoint? Probably not. But he’s money on the mic.”

Wrestling after a long absence:

“It’s probably the hardest thing I think I’ve done in my career — do the deal where you’re not in the ring for a year. You can do all the cardio you want. You can look as great as you want. You can diet. You can do all those things, but then getting in there — when you do it every day, it’s automatic. There’s no thinking. You just do. When you haven’t done it in a year, you just think, and that’s what makes it tough.

“I’ve talked to Taker and Shawn [Michaels] about it. We’ve all brought it up. Everyone thinks, ‘Oh, you part-timers are coming in once a year and do all this stuff.’ Yeah, it’s not that easy. It’s a really, really difficult process. You’re human.”