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Joey Janela’s Spring Break Results: Glacier Returns, Severn vs Riddle, All Ego Ethan Page Talks Spring Break, Social Media Branding (Video)

Joey Janela’s Spring Break

The following results are from last night’s Joey Janela’s Spring Break, presented by Game Changer Wrestling and broadcast live on FloSlam last night:

Sami Callahan defeated Kyle The Beast

– Sami attacked before the bell, but KTB came right back with a suicide dive, then they traded somersault dives on the floor. Hard hitting match that saw Sami get the win after he hit a sit out powerbomb transitioned into a Stretch Muffler. Sami praised KTB after the match and said this was his time to shine and that he respects him.

Every Time I Die’s Andy Williams and Penelope Ford defeated Braxton Sutter and Allie

– Allie cut a promo on Williams before the match, and he ended up clotheslining her. Sutter responded with a bicycle kick to Ford and they fought a bit before Williams speared Sutter through a panel door set up on the floor. The end saw Ford connect with a sit out jawbreaker, and then followed with an assisted step-up moonsault for the win.

Anything Goes – GCW Championship Match

Matt Tremont defeated Eddie Kingston

– This saw a bunch of doors brought into the ring and Tremont was busted open early. Tremont ended up missing a tackle and crashed through another door, then Kingston repeatedly stabbed him in the forehead with a fork. They stabbed each other a few more times before fighting into the stands, with Kingston trying to throw Tremont over the balcony. Once they made it back into the ring, Tremont hit a running fireman’s carry bomb through a door propped in the corner.

Jimmy Lloyd wins the inaugural Spring Break Clusterfuck

– Entrants included: Flip Gordon, Facade, Jon Silver, Veda Scott, Brian, Crazy Boy, Jervis Cottonbelly, The Invisible Man, Jimmy Lloyd, Arik Cannon, Glacier, Dink The Clown, Ethan Page. The match saw some great spots, including Facade hitting a springboard 450 out to the floor. Good mix of high spots and comedy, including Jervis passing out after getting a hug and Page challenging Glacier to Mortal Kombat.

Lio Rush defeated Keith Lee

– Rush worked to get Lee off of his feet and tried to beat him with strikes and dives. Lee inadvertently knocked the ref down and hit a powerbomb as the crowd looked for a new ref. The original ref got back up and Lee and Rush fought back and forth in the corner, with Rush finally getting Lee down after blocking a powerbomb and hitting a hurricanrana and three frog splashes.

Bad Boy Joey Janela defeated Marty Jannetty

– This went to the floor early after some strikes, and Janela used a chair and tried going for Sweet Chin Music, but ended up taking out the ref. Three new referees ran out, but Janela kept attacking them until Earl Hebner finally made a run-in. Janela wanted him to call for the bell after a Sharpshooter (ala Montreal Screwjob) but Hebner refused and they traded punches. Virgil comes to the ring in a luchador mask but Janela attacks him, then the final exchange saw Jannetty with a Rocker Dropper for a near fall before Janela hit a superkick for the win. Janela thanked everyone for coming out to the show and thought it would never come together, and Jannetty put him over and thanked the crowd.

Matt Riddle defeated Dan “The Beast” Severn

– Both went for some body strikes and mat holds, then Severn hit a German suplex and played to the crowd. They got back in each other’s faces and got into a chop battle before Severn hit a suplex and Riddle came right back with a takedown. Severn comes back with some more German suplexes, then he kneed Riddle in the back and put him in a grapevined Dragon Sleeperhold. Riddle pushed Severn’s legs away and rolled through, then elbowed him a few times and made him tap. Riddle thanked Severn for working with him and called him a legend, then they embraced to end the night.

All Ego

The following video features “All Ego” Ethan Page commenting on competing at Joey Janela’s Spring Break in Orlando, ‘killing’ Glacier’s career and other actions in the ‘Spring Break Clusterf*ck’ match, the importance of branding yourself as a pro wrestler on social media and more: