Impact Wrestling Results (4/20): Three Huge Title Matches, Multiple Returns, New Champion Crowned!

impact_coverageImpact Wrestling Results

April 20th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Impact Tag Team Champions LAX vs Joel Colman and Jake Holmes

Santana whips Colman into the ropes and hits a crossbody block. Santana tags in Ortiz. LAX hits a combination enziguri/suplex. Ortiz picks up Coleman in a suplex as Santana hits a splash off the top. Coleman manages to tag in Holmes. Holms whips Santana into Ortiz int he corner. but Ortiz puts his feet up to stop Santana’s momentum. Ortiz pushes Santana, Santana does a backward roll into a cutter on Holmes. LAX hits the Santana bomb in the corner. LAX hits the street sweeper for the win.

Winner- LAX

After the match, Konnan grabs a mic and says this is all about Latino empowerment. This company has been run by the “good ole’ boys. Konnan introduces each member of LAX to the crowd. Decay comes out and brawls with LAX. Abyss chokeslams Ortiz. Santana dropkicks Abyss off the top rope. Crazzy Steve attacks Santana from behind as we cut to a commercial.