IMPACT Homecoming Wrestling
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IMPACT Wrestling Homecoming Results (1/6): New Champs Crowned, Rosemary Returns, Kross Attacks Taya

Impact Wrestling Homecoming Results

January 6th, 2018

Report By Robert DeFelice for

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The show opens with a vignette of many TNA moments from the Asylum era. The video with narrated by Johnny IMPACT and had some music playing in the background. The video then transitioned into a preview of tonight’s matches.

The ring looks similar to the color scheme of the Asylum days of TNA.

The entrances were made for Ultimate X.

IMPACT X-Division Championship – Jake Crist vs. Trey vs. Ethan Page vs. Rich Swann (Ultimate X)

All four guys went directly for the X-Division title, which led to all four crashing down from the structure. Ethan page threw Trey onto Swann and Crist from the top rope to the floor and went back for the belt and was pulled down.

The four got into a strike fest that ended with all four down as the fans chanted “IMPACT Wrestling.”

Trey and Swann climbed the same turnbuckle but were cut off by Jake Crist, who hit a Double Cutter off the top rope.

Ego went for the belt but jumped on Crist to prevent him from doing any further damage. Ego would get dropped by a Handspring Cutter from Swann. Swann was dropped by Trey who went for the belt but was stopped by Page, who hit a Pendulum Backbreaker.

Shortly after this, the action spilled to the floor and we saw many planchas in succession from Swann, Crist, and Trey.

Back in the ring, we got our traditional Tower of Doom spot, then the action spilled to the floor with Crist hitting a nasty Tombstone to Swann on the floor. Crist went up for the belt but Page hit a spear to Crist from the top rope.

Miguel tried to go for the belt, but Swann was in his way. Miguel went for a hurricanrana. Swann landed on his feet and climbed up the opposite end to retrieve the title and end the match abruptly.

Winner & New Champ: Rich Swann

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