Impact Wrestling Results (4/27): LAX Defends the Tag Titles in a Street Fight Against Decay!

impact_coverageImpact Wrestling Results

April 27th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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In Ring Segment: Josh Matthews

Matthews comes out on the ramp with a microphone. Matthews says that unlike other companies, Impact will not allow bullying. Matthews spent the last week at the Impact offices dealing with Human Resources. A representative from HR tries to read a statement but Matthews cuts him off. Matthews announces that Jeremy Borash has been suspended for putting his hands on Matthews last week. Borash says he hasn’t missed a show in 15 years and tries to plead his case. The officials walk Borash out of the arena.

Trevor Lee w/Shane Helms vs Matt Sydal

As soon as the bell rings Lee attacks Sydal. Lee chokes Sydal in the corner. Lee tries to slams Sydal into the turnbuckle but Sydal catches Lee with a stiff kick. Cresent kick by Sydal sends Lee to the outside. Sydal is about to attempt a dive but Shane Helms trips him on the apron. The penalty kick by Lee for a two count. Lee tosses Sydal across the ring for another near fall. Lee bad mouths Sydal. Lee hits the ropes but he runs right into a kick from Sydal. Lee surprises Sydal with an elbow. Lee attempts a suplex but Sydal knees Lee in the head. Standing moonsault by Sydal. Sydal goes for a pin but Helms gets on the apron. Sydal sends Lee into Helms, then hits a high knee to Lee’s face. Sydal goes up top and hits the shooting star press for the win.

Winner- Matt Sydal