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This Week’s WWE RAW Social Media Ranking, Braun Strowman’s Dad Is A Softball Legend (Video)



According to Nielsen Social, this week’s WWE RAW social media score saw the show bring in 133,000 uniques and 192,000 interactions on Facebook, which is down from 146,000 uniques and 214,000 interactions last week.

Additionally, this week’s show saw 19,000 uniques and 89,000 interactions on Twitter, which is down from 22,000 uniques and 105,000 interactions last week. Overall, RAW saw 152,000 uniques and 280,000 interactions, making it the second best overall ranked airing in the series and specials category last night.

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Crusher has a new story looking at Rick “Crusher” Scherr, a former slow pitch softball star and father of WWE star Braun Strowman (Adam Scherr).

Scherr was estimated to have hit 1,800 home runs and many were distances that would have cleared the fences at many stadiums. Additionally, it was noted that Scherr hit 451 home runs in just 191 games in 1986; check out some footage of Scherr below: