Impact Wrestling Results (5/4): New Champion Crowned, El Patron Takes on Eli Drake in the Main Event!

impact_coverageImpact Wrestling Results

May 4th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Matt Sydal vs Eddie Edwards W/Mrs. Edwards

Edwards and Sydal lock up. Sydal forces Edwards into the corner. A clean break leads to another lock up. Edwards takes down Sydal in an armbar. Sydal nips up and reverses the armbar, sending Edwards down to the mat. Edwards nips up. Edwards floors Sydal with a shoulder block. Sydal catches Edwards in a hurricanrana. Sydal goes up top but Edwards cuts him off. Sydal dives and takes Edwards over with a head scissors. Edwards rolls into the corner. Sydal hits a running shining wizard in the corner. Sydal locks in an Indian death lock. Edwards elbows his way out of it. Edwards hits a blue thunder bomb out of nowhere for a near fall. Edwards chops Sydal in the corner.

Edwards whips Sydal into the ropes and levels him with a back elbow. Edwards only gets a two count. Sydal rolls up Edwards for a near fall. Edwards responds with a flapjack. Edwards whips Sydal into the corner. Edwards charges in but runs right into a spin kick by Sydal. Standing moonsault for another near fall. Edwards hops up to the top rope but Sydal whips Edwards off the top with a standing hurricanrana. Sydal clothesline in the corner. Sydal sets up a springboard but Edwards kicks him in the head before he can. Sydal tumbles to the outside. Suicide dive by Edwards. Sydal goes up top but Edwards cuts him off with a head kick. Edwards hits the backpack stunner for another two count. Edwards hits a code breaker off the top. Edwards picks up Sydal with a double under hook but Sydal reverses it into a hurricanrana. Sydal tries to set up a top rope hurricanrana but Edwards turns it into a powerbomb. Edwards hits the ropes and looks to be setting up a clothesline. Sydal surprises him with a flying knee strike. Sydal mounts the top rope and hits the shooting star press for the win.

Winner- Matt Sydal

After the match, Sydal and Edwards shake hands. As Edwards and his wife are walking up the ramp Davey Richards and Angelina love attack them. Richards places Edwards leg on the guard rail and hits it with a chair. As Edwards is writhing in pain, Alisha dives off the stage into the crowd onto Richards and Love. Security pulls Alisha off Richards and Love.