Former WWE Talent Announces In-Ring Retirement

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Former WWE ring announcer, manager, and in-ring talent Ricardo Rodriguez recently announced on Facebook that his in-ring wrestling career is over. The post stated, “So I have decided to hang up the boots and just train/teach. I’m better at that. Anyways plus real life is getting in the way.”

I reached out to Ricardo, and he went into further detail of his decision He stated that he tried to hold on for a good while, but he needs to work. He also stated that while his in-ring career is over, he would still be training.

Rodriguez has been very successful recently as a trainer, and had a stint in India as a head trainer for the Great Khali’s wrestling school. When I interviewed him on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show in late-December, this is what he stated about training in India.

“I was training at the Great Khali’s academy over there [in India], which is actually the official school in India. [When I first went in], I had 23 students. But, at the time I was done, I had 100. It was just me by myself. So, basically, I was training from nine o’clock in the morning ’til like nine o’clock at night, with about an hour between for lunch.”

He also helped book three shows in India, which did 23,000, 50,000, and 11,000 respectively. The third show drew 11,000 in the rain.

Rodriguez also shared that he is doing work for the Combate Americas MMA promotion, as the cage announcer. This is the same promotion in which Alberto El Patron is the President.