Eric Bischoff To WrestleCircus’ Al Lenhart, ‘You’ve Struck A Nerve’; They Talk Growing A Product Organically

The latest episode of former WCW President Eric Bischoff’s podcast Bischoff on Wrestling was released this past Wednesday and features an interview WrestleCircus owner Al Lenhart!

You can find some of Eric and Al’s comments transcribed below.

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EB: I’m really happy for you guys. I think you’ve struck a nerve. There are other independent wrestling promoters out there that are doing it too but not quite the way I’ve seen you guys do it. I think you’ve struck a nerve and my prediction will be that you won’t have to go out and chase deals. You keep doing what you’re doing. You stay true to your vision and those deals will come to you. Just like the audience will find you. Just like the athletes and the performers will find you. You have a very special thing going on. I can’t say enough nice things.

AL: I appreciate that. I’m glad you said it in that way. There is something about letting a product grow organically versus forcing it down people’s throats. Or even forcing it down our talent’s throats. I’ll tell you, one piece of advice that the individual I was talking about earlier gave me was, “You need to get your wrestlers to tweet out more about your upcoming events. Have them put links. You can track them with affiliate links.” Things like that. He’s telling me all these things I already know. I know about those affiliate links and tracking metrics. As soon as you do things like that you are telling your talent that they need to be your promoter. I am the promoter of my own company. I want them to want to want to put out the tweets.

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This week’s episode of Bischoff on Wrestling starts with Eric giving his take on a couple of stories from around the business of pro wrestling from this past week. Including:

  • Billy Corgan purchasing the NWA
  • Hulk Hogan saying he would like to join The Bullet Club
  • Kenny Omega & Young Bucks signing a deal with Hot Topic to sell merchandise
  • Sinclair Broadcasting purchasing the Bonton Media Group for $240 million
  • Rand Paul endorsing Kane’s mayoral run
  • The Rock working with Disney to re-design the Jungle Cruise ride at the Disney theme parks
  • WWE & TV5 agree to TV deal in Philippines
  • More…

Eric then welcomes his guest WrestleCircus owner Al Lenhart! Some of the topics Al discusses with Eric include:

  • Why he launched WrestleCircus
  • How Austin has embraced independent wrestling
  • What his wife’s reaction was when he said he wanted to launch an independent pro wrestling company
  • His vision for WrestleCircus
  • The importance of the name you give your wrestling promotion
  • Rocky Romero’s support
  • Who designed their logo
  • More…

Today’s show then wraps up with the latest #BischoffOnWrestling mail bag segment featuring Eric answering a wide range of questions submitted by fans on Twitter.