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Live Notes From WWE SmackDown Including Security, Loud Vacuum Fan & Fans Upset Jinder Mahal Won

wwe smackdown liveMy latest column on upgruv.com was live notes and reaction from being at SmackDown Live in Manchester, New Hampshire. Here’s an excerpt:

Arena security would have benefited from a calmer approach with fans. WWE’s own security always instructs arena staff on rules for the audience. One of those rules applies to when paying customers should and shouldn’t stand during matches. But, at least near my location, the in-arena security went way beyond what was necessary. Fans were, as expected, trying to take pictures of the performers. Those fans did not need to be held strictly to the length (like, to the very inch) to which they were “allowed” to stray from their chairs. A younger mother watched her children get reprimanded for going too far… during a commercial break. That’s bad for WWE business. If these events are family shows, they can’t also be police states.

A fan that sucked in the smoke from WWE’s pyrotechnics was way too loud. Locals informed me this was not a new development. When SmackDown was being filmed for Friday-night broadcasts, WWE could edit such a sound during post-production. Returning SmackDown to live broadcasts took away that option.

My personal disappointment was not seeing Rusev. His appearance was scheduled, but my sources reported that Rusev was actually attending a Stanley Cup playoff game, instead. (Actually, it’s quite well known that Rusev and wife Lana are known to be devoted fans of the Nashville Predators.) WWE likely allowed Rusev to miss SmackDown, where he has yet to appear since switching over from Monday Night RAW. Here’s hoping Rusev’s quest to be granted a title shot results in a havoc-raising appearance Sunday night. If that helps Orton win without pinning Mahal, everybody wins.

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