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Bruce Prichard On Asking Jim Cornette Permission to Be His Podcast Subject, Hesitating to Bring Up Certain Stories, Writing For Children in WWE

Former WWE Producer and current Impact Wrestling Advisor Bruce Prichard was the most recent guest on the ‘Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast’ to discuss Prichard’s hugely popular podcast, ‘Something to Wrestle.’ To listen to the entire interview click here at this link. Below are a few of the highlights from the podcast:

On Whether He Hesitates Bringing Up Certain Stories On His Podcast:

Not necessarily because in real life I am just that way as well with them, so I always say that a lot of the topics that we address on the podcast and a lot of the stories that I share are things that those who have been around me in the business have heard years and years at a time. I think that the cat is kind of out of the bag on certain topics that so many people have shared their version and so many different things, it’s like, mine is just another version and another angle on the same stories that have already been told.

On Asking Jim Cornette Permission to Cover Him As A Topic For His Podcast:

It’s funny. I actually called Jim Cornette prior to the show and I asked if it was alright to share the George ‘The Rat’ story. To me, the story is hilarious; to ‘Corney’ he lost a loved one. His pet rat, who was in the Mankind vignettes, whose name was George had passed away, and it was a very emotional time so I made light of it, but at the same time, I made light of it in respect to ‘Corney’ losing a loved one. He is the only one who I have asked permission prior to, but no, I really haven’t changed anything other than—I just am blown away by the responses we do get, and that was one, the George ‘The Rat’ story was something obviously only a few of us knew that story and I had to feed that one to Conrad [Thompson] that I am going to feed that story about ‘Corney’ here. Everyone has already heard the Dairy Queen story, that is a famous story, everyone knows that one, but nobody knew the George ‘The Rat’ story. Nobody knew the Part 2 of him beating up his car in Atlantic City, so it was that kind of thing that we kind of get to that people have heard a lot of different parts, but it’s like, oh yeah, did you hear this one? I don’t always tell Conrad because I don’t want it to be—I want it to be natural and I want to get his real reaction after he hears a lot of things, like after we brought up the Bret Hart vs Steve Austin match at WrestleMania 13, I said that they wouldn’t give us permission to bleed in that match and I waited until the very end of the show to do that, and he was genuinely hot stating that it could have been something I could have brought up before hand, but it’s like, you didn’t ask, so we have a lot of fun. He does so much damn research on everything. He scours everything under the sun trying to get an ‘I got you.’

On His Favorite Topic He Discussed On His Podcast:

My favorite so far has been the Houston Wrestling episode. Houston Wrestling is by far my favorite, but when we have the ability to just kind of freestyle, and it’s just us talking and BS’ng, to me, those are the best because when he prepares and has everything laid out, sometime we will go through it and I will throw my sidebars in and everything, but when he is not as prepared or doesn’t know a subject as well, in my opinion, those are the best ones, he is more genuinely inquisitive.

It’s like, Steve Austin kind of taught me that when I did Steve’s show. Steve and I talked for the first time in a long time on the phone. He said, God, I have to get you on the show so we can talk, and I would have to say that our discussion that we had after not talking for a long time was far more entertaining and better than when Steve was prepared. He called me afterward and said, I don’t know, I didn’t like it because when we had so much fun talking the other night and wrote everything down and hit my points, that was a real good lesson that it goes back to the bullet point thing.

It’s just two old friends reminiscing, and that was essentially for our show that we try to capture every week instead of getting a guest, and try to get to what happened when and just have fun with it.

On How He Wrote For Kids During His Time in WWE As An Adult:

Well, I think that you have to suspend your disbelief, that is something Vince McMahon would get irritated as hell whenever we would use that phrase, but you have to place yourself in an entertainment realm and just let go and allow yourself to be entertained. If you go to the movie and want to analyze every part of it then you are not going to be entertained and there wouldn’t be a movie out there that you would like. You just have to get lost and just sit back and want to be entertained rather than critiquing it, and that was our view point. We viewed it as telling a story, having fun with it, something that could appeal to a lot of different people. When you had Undertaker vs. Undertaker, but at the same time, the story was Undertaker returning. On the same card, you had Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart so we had a lot of different pieces to the puzzle to please everybody; that was just one part.