Impact Wrestling Results (6/1): Six Sides of Steel for the GFW Title, is There a New Number One Contender?

impact_coverageImpact Wrestling Results

June 1st, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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In Ring Segment: EC3

EC3 has a full band in the middle of the ring awaiting him. EC3 is all smiles as he struts to his entrance music. EC3 grabs a mic and yells tonight is a night for celebration. The band in the ring breaks out into EC3’s entrance theme (It was terrible if you were wondering). EC3 says he is one step closer to regaining his Impact heavyweight title. EC3 is number one and he is soon to be EC3-times Impact champion. EC3 says at Slammiversary he will face his biggest challenge yet in Bobby Lashley. EC3 has destroyed James Storm’s career and he has something special for Lashley. The band breaks out into a song about Lashley. Alberto El Patron runs down to the ring (dropping the GFW title on the ramp). Karen Angle, Bruce Prichard, Tyrus, and Dutch Mantel come out on the stage. Prichard says the inmates are not running the asylum. Tonight El Patron will defend his GFW title against EC3. Prichard tells EC3 that he will have to put his shot at the Impact title on the line in the match as well. That’s not all: this match will take place in a “solid” steel cage!