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Lucha Underground Star Jeff Cobb on What WWE Told Him, Why He Was Initially Bummed Having to Play Matanza, His Wrestling Goal & More

jeff cobb

Jeff Cobb from Lucha Underground and Spandex Writer, Bill Hanstock are the special guests on Sean Waltman‘s X-Pac 12360 this week. You can download the show at this link, or listen to it in the player below, and the following are some Jeff Cobb interview highlights:

Jeff Cobb on playing the Matanza character in Lucha Underground:

“At first I was kind of bummed about being under a mask. At the time when they (Lucha Underground) told me the character, I didn’t really comprehend or grasp what it was but at the time I was just looking for any exposure to get my name out there and I just figured it’s something to expand on me personally instead of just being the same person over and over in every indy company.”

Breaking glass during Dragon Azteca match:

“I punched through the glass and was like awe cool, it kind of hurt and then I felt warm liquid running down my hand so it was very weird and then I looked down and blood was squirting out from my wrist and I was like awe crap… I was cleared like a week later and we ended up filming it (Dragon Azteca Match) like two weeks after the incident.”

WWE wanted me to get bigger:

“Everybody wants to get to the WWE so I did a little thing with them and they wanted me to get bigger so…”

“X-Pac: Did they tell you that?”

Cobb: “Yeah, this is when I was only like 215-220 so I was like well I got to get bigger I’ll get bigger so I just started lifting more and less cardio.”

Bucket list goal to wrestle in Japan:

“I just feel my style would work there great. I think the Japanese fans would be really receptive too. Like, someone compared me once to Gary Albright obviously a shorter version and probably with better hair. I can’t grow a mullet.  That is  definitely on my foreseeable future list or my to-do list.”