Jeff Cobb
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Jeff Cobb: I’m Glad ROH Will Have A Platform Where They Can Showcase New Stars

Jeff Cobb is glad that Ring of Honor will endure, as it was meaningful in his career and it influenced the wrestling industry as a whole.

While Cobb is now featured in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, he had a prominent run in ROH from 2018-2020. He won the ROH World Television Championship and later challenged for the World Championship. AEW president Tony Khan acquired the company in 2022 to kick off a new era in its illustrious history, and he has made it clear that he had discussions about a potential streaming deal.

During an interview with Good Karma Wrestling, Cobb shared his thoughts on the fact that ROH’s name will live on. He described how the company was an important part of his career, and its impact on the wrestling world is undeniable. He noted that he’s happy with the way ROH will have a platform where new stars can perform, and he expressed his hope that some of the company’s classic matches will also be available.

“Ring of Honor played a huge part in my career,” said Cobb. “I had a good nice year a half run with them. I got to meet and learn from some of the best minds in the wrestling business, guys like Delirious and Jay Lethal… When you think of Jay Lethal, you can put him in your Ring of Honor Mount Rushmore like some people do, just learning from him was such a fun time. Even before my time in Ring of Honor, Ring of Honor played a huge factor in professional wrestling as a whole.

“They had some of the best matches, I’ve witnessed, not first hand but from DVDs and the streaming service. I’m happy that Ring of Honor has a platform that they can showcase some of the newer stars. At the same token, hopefully we’ll be able to see some of the old stuff as well. If it’s a streaming service, that’d great because I would love to go back and watch some of the classic matches of Ring of Honor.”

Cobb currently holds the IWGP Tag Team Championship. They will compete in a Winner Takes All three-way match with FTR, the ROH Tag Team Champions, and Roppongi Vice at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door.

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