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Jeff Jarrett on Alberto El Patron’s Status As GFW World Champion Following Suspension

As noted, WZ participated in a media conference call conducted by GFW’s Jeff Jarrett today, and during the call, Jarrett spoke on a number of topics, including The Hardys and the use of the “Broken” gimmick, Alberto El Patron’s recent domestic battery incident, and his subsequent suspension. You can listen to the entire call in the audio above.

During the call, Jarrett was asked if Alberto El Patron is still the GFW World Champion despite his suspension, and Jarrett had the following to say:

“At this time, that situation has not been addressed as it directly relates to the belt because it’s far from the most important in my opinion.”

On El Patron’s suspension, Jarrett added that there is no one way of dealing with something like this, and he has spoken to several different people about it, to solicit their thoughts on how the situation should be handled. Jarrett assumed just as much responsibility for handling the situation as anyone else, and added, “it’s been an unfortunate situation, we take any legal matter but also any personal matter. It’s obviously a legal matter as well as a personal matter. We take it very seriously.”

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